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For employers, recruitment is only part of the process of ensuring you have the life blood of your business in the form of personnel who can deliver the services to your clients.


When things go wrong with staff, it is often because the employer failed to look properly in the first place, or because they have failed to retain the real talent. We can provide a “before and after” service either as a stand alone package, or as part of the larger recruitment process.


Florida Legal Recruitment Inc. can offer employers the tools to find, recruit and keep the right people:



Market mapping – Looking at the general trend within the particular area of expertise, discovering just who is out there, where they are now? what sort of backgrounds do the right people tend to have?


Market intelligence – What are the best practices within your industry which your competitors may have already adopted? What seems to be the best way forward with your business? What sort of people might you need to achieve this?



Executive Searching – The bread and butter work of Florida & California Legal Recruitment Inc. Using our experience and specialist knowledge of the legal industry we can identify the right candidates and certify their suitability for your business by employing traditional in-depth interviews alongside ability and personality-based psychometric testing programmes. Whether you are looking for an individual for a specific role, or volume-recruiting, we can help.



Remuneration benchmarking/retention services – What should you be paying to get the right people? What could you offer your best staff to stop them leaving? How can you ensure their salary will keep them? What training could you offer?


Employer training – Ensuring that your in-house recruitment processes are as robust and efficient as they can be.


Compliance checks – are your recruitment and human resources processes fully compliant with state and federal employment/contract/labour laws? Are your discipline and grievance procedures totally water-tight? Could you fall foul of Equality laws? A mistake in this area could be very costly – prevention is definitely better than a cure.


For the individual job-seeking we can offer exposure of your resume to a variety of firms in private practice as well as in-house employers looking for your skills.


Once you have caught a firm’s eye, we won’t just abandon you – we can provide assistance throughout the interview/recruitment process, including with interview techniques and the psychometric tests (which employers are increasingly using).


Millions of dollars are spent by law firms and businesses recruiting the best available talent, yet often very little is spent retaining the existing talent within an organisation.


We can assist with the development  of  your firms talented  attorneys.  Spotting and  identifying where further business training would be beneficial.


Work Life Balance for Better Business – we can assist you in achieving and sustaining an effective work life balance within your business through numerical, functional and flexible working practices.


Advanced in-house contract consultancy

Often companies and smaller law firms do not have the resources or time to dedicate to effective recruitment.


Using a traditional search agency can be costly, and there is no guarantee of an in-depth analysis of a candidate’s suitability.


Working in-house, we work for you, delivering the results you need to get the right person, not the right CV.

  • Services include:
  • Search and selection for individual positions;
  • Project management of recruitment campaigns for both specialised; and volume recruitment;
  • In-depth interviewing based on core competences;
  • Ability and psychometric testing;
  • Setting up robust recruitment processes;
  • Recruitment and interview training;
  • Managing recruitment -search agencies.


Employment Law

Unless you are a law firm, keeping up to date with employment law and ensuring you have the right policies and procedures is essential – non-compliance can be a costly mistake.


A clear and consistent approach also gives a positive message to your employees. Through our law firm partnering network we can offer advice in all areas of employment law, including contracts and policies, discipline and grievance and equality and diversity.


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