The field of energy law is broad and broadening still. Oil and gas drilling, development of wind power projects, and renewable energy exploration are all covered by energy law, as are the policies affecting municipal power distribution, pricing, and customer billing practices. The job of an energy attorney is correspondingly large, though lawyers typically choose to specialize in a narrow sector of energy law. The main job of an energy attorney is to understand relevant energy laws, policies, and regulations, and apply them to his client’s situation.

Energy attorneys are advisers, advocates, and lobbyists. The can represent big industry, or can fight for the rights of new innovators. They frequently apply for patents and fight price-fixing. It all depends on the context of work and business situation..

Traditionally, energy law practice was dominated by the oil and gas industry. Most energy lawyers worked in energy law firms or practice groups that either supported or opposed coastal drilling practices. Lawyers who had been retained by oil and gas companies would often advocate for more favourable legislation and would seek to change policy guidelines regulating the industry. They would also represent the companies in any lawsuits. Energy lawyers were also retained by outside companies with grievances against energy companies. Lawsuits related to oil spills, environmental damage, internal employment law matters, or conglomerate price-fixing and antitrust violations were typically handled by energy lawyers with expertise in how the energy industry operated.

The Energy Law Team:

An energy law team consists of a range of specialist lawyers with high-value knowledge of: Intellectual property, projects, project finance, corporate finance, tax, construction, planning, property, regulatory and public law. These specialist business lawyers can advise across the full spectrum of legal issues that energy businesses face, ranging from securing IPRs for clean technology, carbon trading, to renewable energy infrastructure projects.

Legal Energy work includes:

  • IPR protection for low carbon; technology;
  • Off-take agreements;
  • Renewable tariffs and applicability;
  • Carbon trading regime;
  • Commercial contract drafting and advice;
  • Renewable Infrastructure projects;
  • Corporate structure and finance for energy businesses;
  • Waste to energy;
  • Public funding including State Aid;
  • Public private R&D collaborations;
  • Tax;
  • Planning property construction;
  • Arranging patent protection and advising a leading research body on marine based carbon sequestration technology;
  • Leases for solar PV installations;
  • Advising on applicability of ROCs to bio diesel;
  • Development of a major biomass plant;
  • Project and procurement advice to new energy projects like the Wave Hub Wave Energy Corporation;
  • Acting on planning appeals regarding new wind farms;
  • Providing legal advice and assistance State bodies regarding  new technology demonstrator programmes;
  • Funding projects for new waste technologies – many of which involve energy from waste initiatives, including bio-mass, gasification and anaerobic digestion;
  • Advising on various waste to energy contracts for waste management companies.

Specialist work includes:

  • Litigation;
  • Royalty disputes;
  • Contract disputes;
  • Declaratory Judgments;
  • Deceptive Trade Practices;
  • Negligence;
  • Trespass and Title issues;
  • Pipeline and right of way disputes;
  • Mediate energy related disputes;
  • Administrative Law (protest and defense);
  • Enforcement hearings;
  • Disposal well protests and defence;
  • Spacing/Allowable exceptions.


  • Leases (mineral and surface);
  • Conveyances & Assignments;
  • Business entity formation;
  • Surface Use Agreements;
  • Easements and Rights-of-way;
  • Joint Operating Agreements;
  • Farmouts;
  • Participation Agreements;
  • Mineral Liens.


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