The multi-national law firm recruitment process and screening possibilities.  

Questions and answers.

Q. Will I have to face psychometric tests as part of an interview process?

A. It is a fact of life now that within most industries (certainly within legal and finance) and much of the public sector firms will use aptitude tests and/or personality questionnaires as part of their recruitment process.


With more and more graduates coming onto the labour markets and with little to differentiate the good from the great candidates, firms are having to look for other methods of selection besides good resumes and college grades.


Nearly 90% of all Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies use psychometric tests, so if you are looking for a place at a firm worth working for, you are bound to face them at some point.


Q. What types of psychometric tests are there?

A. Broadly there are two types of test – aptitude tests and personality questionnaires. The former probe verbal and numeric abilities along with abstract, spatial and mechanical reasoning.


These are qualities which cannot be rehearsed, nor improved with revision or cheating – that is the reason why they are so useful – they test raw natural abilities. You would only damage your own prospects if you did cheat!


However literature is commercially available to help you prepare for the types of questions and for the accompanying time pressures.


Personality tests do exactly as they suggest – they are to see what kind of person you perceive yourself to be. One could claim they are somewhat fallible for that reason, but if done honestly they give a prospective employer a good opportunity to see whether you would fit into the firm and cope with the demands of work involved.


Q. How do other nations’ legal practitioners go about their business? England, for example?


A. On the other side of the Atlantic, England’s legal system (Scotland’s is slightly different!) has remained essentially unchanged since William the Conqueror put an arrow through King Harold’s Eye at Hastings in 1066. England’s law is based upon the common law – like throughout much of the US – whereby cases rather than codification are the foundation of the law. Some of England’s current precedents in force go back to the 14th century.


England’s legal practitioners are divided into two categories: solicitors and barristers. The former are the general practitioners and “lawyers” as they are known and understood in the US working in the smallest of town firms to the largest international firms in London.


However, solicitors do not speak in the higher courts. See to find out more about English solicitors.


Barristers are those who wear the horsehair wigs and gowns (without which they cannot be “seen or heard” by Her Majesty’s Judges!) and who speak in the higher courts – at the “bar of court” (hence why, upon entering the profession they are “called to the Bar”).


Senior barristers, called Queen’s Counsel wear silk gowns and speak “within” the bar of court. Barristers are specialist consultants hired by solicitors as a mouthpiece in court for their clients and as a specialist for a particular area of law – often being engaged purely to give counsel’s opinion on a single issue.


Most barristers are self-employed, banding together in groups to form “chambers”. These chambers were historically based in the Temple, Lincoln’s Inn and Gray’s Inn (the “Inns of Court”) in the heart of London, but are now in every city in England.


See to find out more about the English Bar.


What is Florida & California Legal Recruitment Inc. ?

Florida Legal Recruitment Inc. is an independent and comprehensive recruitment business that specialises in finding attorneys and partners for law firms based in the United States.


How does it work?

Florida & California Legal Recruitment Inc. works by receiving instructions from either law firms, attorney or partner candidates.


Law firms and attorneys can use Florida Legal Recruitment Inc. website to research and find career opportunities in the United States.  Law firms can also instruct FCLR Inc. to conduct an executive search programme in order to find a new specialist fee earner or partner.


When a law firm hires a new partner, he/she will introduce a new corporate and private clients.  This produces corporate growth and creates new income.


The new partner may also provide a new specialist skill, which will enhance the law firms market profile.  This new administrative product can be cross-marketed to existing clients to gain additional further fee income.


What do I need to know about using a search business?


Visit our About Us page to learn about everything about our company.


How do I contact Florida & California Legal Recruitment Inc.


Visit our Contact Us page to find the most appropriate way to get in touch with Florida & California Legal Recruitment Inc.


Mail/CV 2 —

Telephone — 954  378  9414.

What about in-house counsel and corporate clients?

Florida & California Legal Recruitment Inc.  is an independent and comprehensive executive recruitment and search business  that specialises in finding attorneys, partners and in-house counsel for the legal industry and the smarter corporate set.


FCLR Inc. has partner firms based in the UK that are law firm executive recruitment specialists.



Florida & California Legal Recruitment Inc. are instructed by either a law firm,  a smart corporate or an attorney looking for a career move.


FCLR Inc. acts as an advisory or broker that can find lawyers new career opportunities.


FCLR Inc. can also act as a corporate finance broker to find law firm merger and aquasition targets on a world-wide basis.  One of our partners has had AAA global investment bank experience specialising in M&A programmes.


This work also involved structuring, advising and trading of  new issues.

How do I contact Florida & California Legal Recruitment Inc.


Visit our Contact Us page to find the most appropriate way to get in touch with Florida Legal Recruitment Inc.


Mail/CV 2 —

Telephone — 954  378  9414.


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