Highest paid US attorneys.


Traditionally (and certainly centuries ago in England and throughout Europe), there were 3 “learned” professions – medicine, the church, and the law.


Whilst the mystique and ancient aura has faded a little over the years, it is certainly true to say that the law is still a lucrative and highly sought-after profession, which can offer the “called and chosen” few the golden ticket to the big bucks!


Nationwide, the average US lawyers’ salary is $94,000, but varies hugely from state to state.


Here, in ascending order, are the top-10 states for highest average salaries (as at April 2012, per Bureau of Labor Statistics):


10. Colorado ($131,800)

9. Virginia ($134,640)

8. Georgia ($136,040)

7. Pennsylvania ($137,910)

6. Illinois ($138,550)

5. Connecticut ($145,960)

4. New York ($151,080)

3. Delaware ($151,290)

2. California ($156,570)

1. District of Columbia ($161,050)

Florida was ranked 18th (at just under $80,000).


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