Nine against four-hundred

Nine against four-hundred Today the SAS is well known. Countless books have been written about the regiment, some by former members who were supposed to be keeping their mouths shut. It was in May 1980 when 22 SAS’s counter-terrorism unit […]

JP Surf & Turf.

I’m on vacation away from the offices, thinking this was an ideal opportunity to let you know about my daily grind of crunching surf and fishing for supper. “Sierra Leone” has a ring about it for all the wrong reasons. […]


You’ve probably heard of it, but what is 4G? In short, it’s the name given to the fourth generation of mobile networks, just as the previous generation is called 3G. Another piece of jargon, which you will see tagged onto the end […]

St Vincent and the Grenadines. St Vincent and the Grenadines sounds like the sort of colorfully shirted band that played in the days when a party meant taffeta frocks, tombolas and gin and it. In fact, it’s a sprinkling of 32 islands that runs […]

How fund managers spend your money.

In Turney Duff’s account of his drug-addled and alcohol-soaked days picking shares for a hedge fund, recounted with great relish in The Buy Side, a broker pitching for trade asks Mr Duff what he can do to get more of his […]

Montenegro Bay – Super Yacht.

Montenegro Bay – Super Yacht. Marina developments are attracting foreign investment and the elite international yachting community. Legend has it that in 1624 the inhabitants of the Bay of Kotor slung an iron chain across its narrowest point, the strait […]


When I read last week that Angela Ahrendts was getting up to $68m as a welcome gift for joining Apple, my mind skipped at once to her husband. This latest addition to her vast stash of money must catapult her spouse Gregg […]

Everest’s true Mountain Men

Everest’s true Mountain Men When there are gatherings in our valley, the women sit with the women and the men sit with the men, and the children tear about evading adult arms that reach out to obstruct their fun. The […]

The fantasy mobile cities designed to move with the times.

How architects have long dream’t of creating portable urban superstructures that can avoid decline by simply moving on  An artist’s impression of the ‘Green Machine’, a mobile, city-sized structure that would slowly move across the Sahara cultivating the land Cities […]

Big data: are we making a big mistake?

Big data is a vague term for a massive phenomenon that has rapidly become an obsession with entrepreneurs, scientists, governments and the media  Five years ago, a team of researchers from Google announced a remarkable achievement in one of the […]