Interesting facts for Attorneys and Partners.


A link leading to a comprehensive guide for lawyer salaries throughout the US.  Although we have another guide in FAQs, we feel it is always useful to compare findings.


Big Law and Risk Management: Case Studies of Litigation, Deals and Diversity.


Third Party Legal Funding.


E-discovery obligations in US product liability litigation.


Big time Commercial Litigation and Arbitration.


EEOC Litigation Statistics.


Enforcement Litigation Statistics.


Patent Infringement Updates.


US Patent Litigation Statistics.


IP Watchdog, More US Patent Litigation Statistics.


The Financial Times — “Printed without fear or favour”.


The Financial Times – US News Headlines.


Top US Commercial Real Estate Companies.


The Pinnicle Family.


Cushman & Wakefield – US. Commercial Real Estate.


Colliers International – US.  Commercial Real Estate.


Grubb & Ellis – US. Commercial Real Estate.


 America’s largest 250 law firms.


Decisions from US Supreme Court.


 The Economist.


Forbes (Wall Street).


American Bar Association.


 US Grad. Schools Listing.


UK Bar Council.


UK Law Society.


An “interesting fact for the month” – 27% of US attorneys are self-employed.


The most successful lawyer ever was Sir Lionel Luckhoo of Georgetown, Guyana succeeding in obtaining 245 successive murder acquitals between 1940 and 1985.


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